About Farmhouse Paint Bar & Café

The Farmhouse Paint & Sip Cafe opened its barn doors to visitors on December 1st, 2016.

Sitting on what was once a foreclosed property, The Farmhouse Paint & Sip brings new life to the Garden District and compliment the longtime standing business next door Custom Grown Greenhouse.

Nestled a block north of Layton Avenue on South 6th Street in Milwaukee, The Farmhouse Paint & Sip Cafe  provides a much-needed splash of color in a predominately hotel and restaurant populated area and fills a need for creative entertainment, both for locals and tourists alike.

Vision Statement

Deliver a creative experience for our customer and become a home for joy, arts and culture in our community.

Mission Statement

The Farmhouse Studio is dedicated to promoting artistic development and creative thinking both individually and communally by offering a fun, educational and encouraging experience for friends, family and colleagues, and also as an outlet for local artists. The Farmhouse Studio is community-first, investing in emerging Milwaukee artists and embracing their unique location: providing jobs, themed classes, and promoting artistic accessibility through bilingual lessons.



We believe that

  • Arts and cultural– experiences create happiness for everyone
  • Creative activities improve problem solving skills and overall well being
  • Artistic events bring people together in ways that enrich our daily lives by encouraging thoughtful discussions and relationships

Core Commitments

  • Customer Focus:Management will focus on exceeding the customer’s expectations. The programs and events will be designed to meet the needs and desires of the community. Customer relationship management and development will be priority.
  • Community First:The studio will support and hire local artists. Also, the studio will give back to the community by donating paintings to organizations in need of art décor along with hosting fundraisers and charities events throughout the year.
  • Accessibility and Participation:All events will be accessible to people with disabilities.
  • Diversity and Inclusiveness:The studio welcomes the participation of anyone who enjoys artistic activities and multicultural events.
  • Financial Responsibility:The FarmHouse Studio Management commits to fiscal responsibility and due diligence in all matters related to the business.

Our History

The Farmhouse was built in 1890 and has the historic midwest country charm found only in Wisconsin, right here in Milwaukee! The Pictures are courtesy of the Kataric family, the original proprietors of this farmhouse wonderland. Circa 1920’s and 1950’s from the cars in the pictures.

The Farmhouse is now owned and operated by Enrique and Thaime Nanez. The couple bought the blighted property in April of 2015 and immediately began remodeling. The Farmhouse Paint & Sip opened its doors on December 1st 2016. The Kataric family and friends are regular visitors.

The Farmhouse has since received various awards including the Mayors Design Choice Award for 2018 and the Greater Milwaukee Chamber of Commerce Legacy Award.

Farmhouse Paint Bar & Café
Before & After!

Personal note from the owners:

On April 10th 2015, Enrique and I purchased a property that had been foreclosed and abandoned.

As we brainstormed on what to do with our farmhouse, we kept going back to creating a “happy place” for our community.It took a lot of vision and major renovations to bring this gem back to life, and it was so worth it!

Fast forward to today, and our family, neighbors and customers love and appreciate our cozy and familiar space where they can explore and express creativity.

Thaime and Enrique Nanez